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New Oshkosh Snow Blower Gives Wittman Greater Capabilities and Reliability

By Scott Spangler on September 16th, 2013

Blower-1Wittman Regional Airport took delivery of this new Oshkosh snow blower outside the airport terminal on September 5. It replaces the veteran 1984 Schmidt-Idaho blower, which will be sold as surplus.

The county and community can appreciate the value of this addition to the airport’s operational fleet several ways. First, the H-Series snow blower is truly a hometown product, said Greg Pfaff, Oshkosh central region sales manager. All of the snow blower’s components were manufactured in the Fox Valley and they were assembled in Oshkosh.

Blower-7Chris Hallstrand, the airport operations director, measures the truck’s practical contributions. The old blower could travel no faster than 3 mph. With separate engines for the power train and the blower, the Oshkosh H-Series moves at 15 mph, throwing 5,000 tons of snow an hour more than 200 feet.

Airport snow removal is a concerted effort that involves two or three different trucks, Hallstrand explained. Depending on the type and amount of snow, the plows and/or H-Series broom that joined the Wittman fleet last year, move the snow into windrows at the downwind edge of the runway. Then the snow blower throws that collected snow over the runway edge lights. Without this last step, winter wins and the runway remains closed.

One Response to “New Oshkosh Snow Blower Gives Wittman Greater Capabilities and Reliability”

  1. Frank Lowery Says:

    That’s an impressive piece of equipment that you got there! I’m curious to know how long it will take you to clean the snow from the whole airport now that you’ve got this…

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