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Wittman Regional Airport - Oshkosh, Wisconsin

The Wittman Airport Story

On October 11, 1927 the Oshkosh Airport Inc. was founded on 75 acres by Richard Lutz, A.W. Leupold, A.H. March, and Francis Lamb.

On December 15, 1928 the airport received its first commercial airmail service. Northwest Airways delivered the mail to Oshkosh and the surrounding Fox Cities.

Steve Wittman (an excellent air race pilot and designer) became the airport manager on March 31, 1931. He held the airport manager’s position for 38 years. On October 22, 1940 the 125 acre airport was sold to Winnebago County for $75,000. By 1948 there were 300 acres and 4 paved runways.

In 1972 the airport was renamed after Steve Wittman.

In July 1970 the Wittman Regional Airport hosted the first EAA Fly-In. Now during every year of the Fly-In, Wittman Regional Airport becomes the busiest airport in the world.

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